Review Strategies When Preparing for a College Exam


The best way to ace an exam is to prepare, and the best way to prepare is to come up with a plan and a strategy. Here are some reviewing strategies that you can consider for the big battle ahead.

1. Skim the whole material, then do it piece by piece. An exam typically tackles a topic in a particular section of the course syllabus, this means that you need to take a step back and treat it as a single unit. Take note of how one topic flows into the next and how each part correlates with one another. This will allow you to visualise the whole subject as a complex structure of different parts. Even if you miss something, you will be more likely to make an educated guess, considering that you already have knowledge of the bigger picture.

After skimming over the material, it’s time to focus on each lesson step by step. Do it systematically and patiently. Pore over the details but don’t forget to relate it back to the general subject.

2. Organise all the information into bite-sized bits, use visual aids, etc.. Now that you have all the information you need in your head, the next job is to organise the information for better recall. Condense all related information into small parts, and visualise them into charts or visual representations that are easy to remember. Psychology Today notes that visual cues help in memorising information. This makes recall much easier, and will also help your brain fit in all the info within the limited amount of time.

3. Review with a study partner. Having a study partner can make reviewing more stimulating and enjoyable, helping to turn it into a more positive experience. Positive experiences tend to stick in your memory, and this can help you remember details in your review session. Study partners can also challenge you to do better or point out some bits you might have missed.

4. Take a coffee nap. If you’re already burned out and you want to take a break, why not take a coffee nap? The science behind coffee naps has already been established, and its effective nature has a lot to do with the sleep hormone adenosine. Coffee competes with adenosine for your brain’s receptors, making you less sleepy. Sleep, on the other hand, decreases adenosine. Put the two together and you’ll feel like Superman when you wake up, allowing you to resume studying with more enthusiasm.

To do a coffee nap, drink a cup of coffee quickly then take a nap (maximum of 15 minutes). If you can’t fall asleep, closing your eyes and relaxing is the second best option.

5. Go over it all over again. The best way to prepare for an exam is to take mini-reviews, preferably every day after school. This is also the reason why you need to go over the material over and over again to make it stick.

Strengthening Your Hamstring Muscles



When Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul went down with a strained hamstring in Game 5 of the NBA 2018 Western Conference Finals, fans already knew that it was serious. While the Rockets managed to win the game, they struggled to keep pace with the Golden State Warriors in the next two matches with Paul on the sidelines. Analysts pointed to Paul’s absence as the deciding factor in the Rockets’ defeat.

Athletes such as Paul who are dependent on speed and mobility need to strengthen their hamstring muscles to help guard against repetitive injuries. But even regular people need to condition their hamstrings because they are integral in maintaining good body alignment when walking, running, or sitting.

Hamstrings refer to the three muscles that run down from your thigh to your knee at the back of your leg. These three muscles – biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus – are responsible for engaging your leg, especially during activities that require explosive movements.

There are various ways to strengthen these muscles, but these can be divided into two parts – proper posture and strength conditioning.

Proper posture is very important when working the hamstrings, as improper pelvic positioning can put unnecessary tension on the back of your thighs. Because all of the muscles in the lower body are interdependent, not allowing your pelvic muscles to do as much work will inevitably strain your hamstring muscles. When doing an intense activity, this can lead to a pulled hamstring or an even worse injury.

Once you have your posture set, you can proceed to strength exercises. It is vital to warm up when doing lower body exercises, especially when you do not have a regular running routine. Recommended warm-up exercises include the 90-90 Hip Lift and the All Fours Belly Lift.

90-90 Hip Lift

Lay down on your back and prop your feet up on a wall. Lift the pelvis so that your lower back flattens onto the floor. Your back should be at a right angle with your thighs. Breathe in, hold for three to five seconds, then breathe out. You can add a weight between your knees to intensify the routine.

All Fours Belly Lift

Get down on your hands and knees, with your palms flat on the ground. Inhale, and as you exhale, round your back upwards. Keep it in that position for five seconds and repeat five times.

For strength exercises, you can do the Romanian Deadlift and the Barbell Back Squat.

Romanian Deadlift

Hold a barbell at hip level with your knuckles outward. Shoulders should be aligned with your back and knees slightly bent. Slowly lower the barbell by extending your butt as far back as you can. Your head should look straight forward and your shoulders must remain aligned with your back. After hitting the maximum range which is a few centimeters below the knee, return to the starting position.

Barbell Back Squat

Grab the bar with your hands overhead as it rests on the rack over your rear shoulder muscles. Take it off the rack and stand with your feet apart by shoulder length. Keep the spine aligned, then sit as if you are going down on a chair. Dip your hips until it is slightly below the knee. Keep the weight on your heels and foot as you bring the barbell back up.

Make these exercises part of your workout routine to help keep your hamstring muscles in top shape. For other fitness-related stories, follow me here or the Techie Doodlers blog. You may also check out Sookie Lioncourt’s post about fitness gadgets to learn more on how technology can assist you with your fitness routines.

Secret Destinations to Explore in the UK this 2019


Despite Brexit concerns, the UK remains to be a popular tourist destination over the past few years. In fact, the World Travel and Tourism Council’s annual study reveals that the country posted its strongest growth in over a decade with a 6.7% increase in arrivals, with international tourist spending up by 8%. Even UK holidaymakers have been travelling more within the country, as there was also a 5.8% increase in domestic travel.

Of course, this growth provides even more opportunities for people to experience the UK’s diverse attractions. Although most travellers might only be familiar with landmarks like Big Ben or the Buckingham Palace, these places represent just a small facet of the country’s vibrant culture and history. So if you’ve finished visiting these must-see tourist hotspots and want to discover more about the UK, consider checking out these secret, little-known destinations:

The Isles of Scilly

Did you know that the UK has its own tropical archipelago? Well, those who want to take a break from the cities can head over to the Isles of Scilly, which are just southwest of Cornwall. The area boasts of white sands, turquoise waters, an abundance of stunning greenery, and plenty of bird and marine life.

There’s even a piece of history here as the Star Castle Hotel was built within the walls of a 16th century castle. It was constructed during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign and was meant to be a defence post for the Isles.

Shell Grotto, Margate

The Shell Grotto remains to be one of Britain’s unsolved mysteries. It is a subterranean passageway that is entirely covered in seashell mosaics. There is even an altar room where one can barely make out the designs of a tortoise and the Hindu god Ganesh.

No one knows who built it or why it even exists, but Odd Days Out suggests it could be the work of pagans. Whether this is true or not, the Shell Grotto in Margate, Kent is still worth seeing in person. It may be easy to miss the entrance to the grotto since it lies beneath an ordinary-looking residential neighbourhood, but you’ll find it easily with the help of a trusty Maps app.

The Longleat Hedge Maze

Have you ever wanted to explore a real-life maze? Then visit the Longleat Hedge Maze, the longest of its kind in the world. Atlas Obscura’s guide to the attraction explains that it covers a dizzying 1.48 acres and 1.69 miles of pathway.

The maze has long been the property of the Marquesses of Bath. The current owner is the 7th Marquess of Bath, Alexander Thynn, who is a lover of mazes and has added smaller mazes around their land, such as the Lunar Labyrinth and the Sun Maze.

Fairy Glen

Just a few miles outside of the village of Uig in Scotland is the scenic attraction known as Fairy Glen. Its conical mounds, lochans (ponds), and trees make it seem like a place straight out of fantasy books. There are even rocks arranged in a spiral thanks to visitors in recent years.

The Fairy Glen is not an official park so you may have difficulty finding it. Fortunately, Germany-based blogger Karis gave directions, writing that you simply need to turn right on the road before Uig Hotel, and then pull up once you see a small pond on the right side.

Wearing Berry This Winter


Most berries are known for bright colours and this range of hues are usually associated with spring or summer, but you can totally pull it off even in the colder months. Bright Side suggested colour combinations for winter clothes, and among them are various hues remarkably similar to the colours of berries.

Although monochromatic winter pieces are classic and timeless, they may be combined or interchanged with berry coloured items to exude vibrancy and cheerfulness during winter, which is a season frequently seen as dull and lifeless.

With that in mind, take a look at some winter garment and accessories arrangements of various styles and colours.

Blueberry and Greenberry

(image: So Sensational)

In a previous post about knitwear, we highlighted the £30.00 Fancy Fair Isle Jumper, paired with a long-sleeved inner shirt and trousers. Applying the contrast of colours rule, a blueberry-white mix will look cool, sophisticated and gorgeous.

(image: Tootsa)

Furthermore, you may also wear matching sweaters with your child to further express that special bond you share. Take for instance adult and children jumpers featuring greenberry and blueberry hues, as shown on the blog post, ‘Twinning is Winning’ – they look beautiful regardless of gender. These versions are regularly priced at £70.00 (for adults) and £34.00 (for children).

To complete the set, you can pair a green top with a yellow lower piece or black leggings. Deep blue will also go well with red or turquoise based on the list of suggested colour combinations mentioned earlier.

You can play with other designs and brands, but the warmth, both from the outside provided by the pullover/sweater and inside brought about by personal bonding, will certainly spring comfort and love into the winter months.


(image: Bright Side)

Beautyberry shrubs have berries that are vivid purple in colour, according to The National Gardening Association. That said, a beautyberry purple dress will look excellent with a grey coat and trousers. Set pieces are sold separately.

Cranberry and Raspberry

(image: Pinterest – Katie Swirsding)

Berry-coloured accessories will work well, too. This set from Katie Swirsding is comprised of basic jeans with a grey top and flats, but the style’s highlight is the cranberry pieces – scarf, bag and earrings, topped off with similarly coloured nail polish. Pieces are priced separately through Polyvore.

(image: Pinterest – Alessa Kreger)

Of course, there’s also the tradition of wearing berry lipstick in winter. The Fuss mentioned in their ‘Winter 2016 Beauty Looks to Try’ that if your skin is fair or pale, raspberry shades of lipstick are the right fit for you. e.l.f. has the Bold Berry variation of their Studio Velvet Matte Lipstick for £4.50.

You can also use raspberry shades for light blusher. Ladies with darker skin tones may go with darker red such as cherry or deep wine colours.


For our final recommendation, here’s a shocker: Technically speaking as explained in the alumni page of Stanford, bananas are actually berries! Thus, colours of bananas can be included in the list of berry colours, too!

(image: Pinterest – Angeline Lee)

You can combine green and yellow, which exemplify both unripe and ripe colours of the fruit. For example, this green coat will stick out superbly over black overalls, finished with a yellow handbag. Romwe has an identical coat for £80.99. Conversely, a yellow coat or top will go well with green bottoms and/or accessories.


Why we are excited for the iPhone 7?


Apple’s current flagships, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, are still making a buzz online. In fact, some countries are still waiting for the delivery of their Apple handsets. But, its outstanding sales this year is highly notable in the mobile industry. In only three days on its primary markets, the company was able to sell 13 million units.

iPhone 7?

“Sales for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been phenomenal, blowing past any previous first weekend sales results in Apple’s history,” said Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. “Customers’ feedback is incredible and they are loving 3D Touch and Live Photos.”

The new Apple handsets are the top smartphones on the market today, and almost every mobile user wants one. However, iFans all over the world are more excited to see Apple’s next flagship – the iPhone 7. We all thought that the tech company would release their 7th iPhone this September, but despite all the hardware upgrades Apple called it the iPhone 6s instead due to its similar physical design from its predecessor. YouTube has been filled with various conceptual designs for the iPhone 7 such as the one below:

Insert: courtesy of TheAmazingTechZone

But, what made us more excited for the iPhone 7 are the following new technologies we are hopeful to see soon on Apple’s next flagship:

AI Technology
As much as Apple would want to keep their activities in the dark, some leaked information helped experts understand what they are planning next. Recent reports reveal that Apple is working hard on developing artificial intelligence technology. But, they were not the only one seeking the key to this innovation, as Microsoft and Google are also actively working on the same project. Previously, the California-based company was reported to hire at least 86 AI experts to help them do the job. But, it seems that their recent acquisition of two AI startups deep learning Perceptio and voice technology VocalIQ can give Apple the extra hand they need.

iPhone 7?

If you are wondering how AI can make your smartphones smarter, then think about Siri being able to communicate with you naturally (more conversational and more human), keeping memories of your past conversation like a regular human being. It can be quite frightening at one point, but we have been highly reliable on mobile devices for quite some time – it’s about time we revolutionized technology in a whole personal level.

See-through Display
Late last year, Apple was finally awarded their long-awaited patent for the AR-enabled transparent display. Based on the Patent request entitled Transparent Electronic Device, “they described it as “ a display with one or more screens that would allow real-world viewable objects to be overlaid with a visible window on an otherwise opaque display screen.” The patent request also discussed the usage of a “black mask,” that will be used to hide the electronic components or hardware behind the display. This will allow the user to see through the glass panel smartphone and view the physical objects on the other side. The said displays are also built with augmented reality technology.

Based on a report by MacRumors, there is a possibility that Apple will make the iPhone 7 full waterproof handset. The company has been working on making their devices fit those users with an “active lifestyle.” In fact, the next handset could be built with a non-metallic casing material. The company was also reported to be testing iPhone 7 prototypes in October for water- and dust-proof.

Unknown to many, the company already applied the silicone hardware cover on their iPhone 6s and 6s Plus handsets. However, we are not certain if the said handsets are waterproof or only water-resistant. What’s the difference? Waterproof is the ability to resist water for a long period of time (usually 30 minutes or less) and in a certain depth (or a meter usually(. Meanwhile, water-resistant is the ability to withstand water splash or survive being dropped in a leveled water quickly. But, a video by EverythingApplePro showed that the two new handsets are able to survive being dunked in a bowl of water for less than 15 minutes. Without any damage, it is able to resist the liquid and can still work under water.

There are various rumored new features to expect on the iPhone 7. Of course, we expect a fresh design (an edge-to-edge screen) that gives us more space to work with. Then, an upgraded processor (A10x), new iOS 10, possible better biometric technology, and the rumored wireless charging.
What do you expect to see on the iPhone 7?
Leave a comment with us below.

Photo Credit: Martin uit Utrecht via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Martin uit Utrecht via Compfight cc

Will an Underdog Win This Year’s Champions League?


European soccer is still streets ahead of any other continent on earth. European powerhouses Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester United are among some of the riches sports teams in the world, and continue to dominate.

However, the emergence of the oil-rich teams, as well as a host of well run clubs from a financial standpoint, means that some of the leading teams in this season’s Champions League may not get it all their own way.

Defending champions Barcelona, were installed as favorites even before the group stages were drawn. Barca were drawn in the same group as Italian side Roma, the always dangerous Bayer Leverkusen and Belarusian minnows Bate Borisov.

With a front three of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Saurez, it would be hard to bet against them not retaining their title. And Barca may not have to look far for what could be their stiffest competition in the tournament this year. Atletico are seen as one of the best clubs never to win the competition, and have improved year-on-year under the guidance of the astute Diego Simeone. Barca also need to keep a watchful eye on Real Madrid, too as they have started their European campaign well. Having been drawn against the likes of Paris Saint Germain, Shakhtar Donetsk and Malmo, it’s a group the Bernabeu-based side should prevail from comfortably.

The general consensus in the soccer world is that one of the above two, or even Bayern Munich are most likely to capture the Champions League title again this term. That’s doesn’t mean that teams cannot dream, though. In the past we’ve seen the likes of Porto under Jose Mourinho in 2003/04 season win Europe’s biggest prize. But, the margin of error for the smaller sides seems to be diminishing. Referencing the Barca front three, as well as Madrid’s combination of Gareth Bale, Ronaldo and Karem Benzema shows how these two clubs literally hold all the aces when it comes to world class talent.

We all like to dream. Watching underdogs in sport prevail is something that endears us to teams, and make soccer so enthralling. So, what teams should we be looking out for this season, aside from the favorites?

ARSENAL (England)

Having finished third in the Premier League last year, Arsene Wenger’s team were set to finally fulfill their potential in Europe this season. However, after back-to-back losses in the competition, qualifying from the group stage is looking doubtful. Next, they face Bayern Munich in a crunch match, which will determine whether they can progress, but with stars like Alexis Sanchez, Metsut Ozil and Jack Wilshire in the side, anything is possible.


Another oil-rich club, it seems weird to class Manchester City as an underdog, having won two league titles in the last four seasons. They were fortunate to beat German side Borussia Monchengladbach last time round, with Sergio Aguero scoring a last minute winner to keep City’s European dreams alive. But, like Arsenal, if they can get through the group stage, the likes of David Silva, new signings Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne, and world class striker Aguero could well steer them to their first Champions League crown.


Ateltico have never won European soccer’s biggest prize, although they came within a minute of doing so in the 2013/14 season against Real Madrid. Unfortunately, Real’s captain Sergio Ramos headed in an equalizer in the final minutes, and then the white half of Madrid went on to win the match 4-1 in extra time. They also lost Arda Turan to Barca in the summer, but they were quick to add a raft of new players including Felipe Luis from Chelsea and Jackson Martinez from Porto. Simeone has quickly established himself as one of world soccer’s most promising managers, and a Champions League title would increase his stock further.

Main Image;


Starter’s Guide to Investment in 2016


Warren Buffett, American business magnate, said, “I never invest in anything that I don’t understand.”

Are you planning to invest by next year? Then, you should prepare ahead before completely putting your money into an opportunity you barely know the potential. As a new investor, there are plenty of things you need to understand first. It’s not enough that you know the basic about investment. There is plenty of information you need to know first before trusting your money into something (whether for a short term or a long term investment). How much am I willing to invest? What are my goals and expectations? How much am I willing to risk to gain more afterwards? Am I ready to lose in case all things failed?

Crossroads: Invest or Spend

Here is a short guide to help new investors in picking the right investment opportunities, things to avoid, and how to get started ASAP:

Where should I invest?
This is the first question that usually pops up in people’s mind when confronted with the word ‘investment.’ It is true that you need to be certain with where you want to place your money. You have to believe in your investment’s capability to use your hard-earned cash in its full potential. But, next year, here are some investment opportunities you may want to consider to help your financial portfolio:

Business stocks
For those planning to invest in stocks next year, you are in for a good treat. There are some stocks that are predicted to have a huge growth potential in 2016 (doubling its growth rate).
1. Baidu (search giant)
2. Keryx Biopharmaceutical
3. Melco Crown (resort)
4. PTC Therapeutics (a small cap biotech)
5. Inovio Pharmaceuticals

There are other familiar and up-and coming businesses with great flight potential in the stock market. You can check out some of them by clicking here.

Own startup
Are you business-minded and capable to finance your own startup? Then, you can start investing in your own company by next year. Just make sure you have everything sorted out in terms of the budget and capital amongst all. Apart from your complete business plan, you must have a clear understanding of how a startup work and the capability of your product/service to survive the volatile market. For additional assistance, most startup owners have different option to source funding for their business venture such as crowdsourcing, federal grants, joining a contest, finding an angel investor or getting a loan.

Money Count

Things to avoid:
So, you’ve finally decided where you want to invest your money. The next thing you need to know is how to invest smartly. The best way to learn it is by knowing which investment decisions and moves to avoid. Here is a list of things to avoid to ensure you get the most out of your investment portfolio:
1. Unrealistic goals. The initial step you need to make as an investor is to create your investment goals and expectations. In here, you will list down how much you are willing to risk, what you perceive to be your greatest returns, and where you should invest next (if ever). However, it seems that most Millennials have unrealistic expectations in investment, especially with their retirement plan.
2. Focus on now than later. It’s normal to win and lose. Investors need to cut loses and focus on the long-term potential of their portfolio. Only make decisions when you have completely let the information sink in. Sometimes the best action during a loss is no action at all.
3. No clear exit plan. Nothing always goes as planned. Thus, at one point, you need to decide when to call it quits. By then, you must have a clear exit plan. Be prepared to lose as it can save you more money than to gamble it further.

We hope this can help you get started in investing the earliest, so you can benefit out of it the soonest. If you have other tips and ideas you want to share to our readers, feel free to leave a comment beloe.

Photo Credit: via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: free pictures of money via Compfight cc

Changing the World, One Laptop at a Time


Changing the World, One Laptop at a Time
Will technology really aid in the alleviation of low living standards in developing countries? One non-profit organization says yes.

Since its institution seven years ago, the One Laptop Per Child or OLPC has been at the forefront of the unwavering battle against poverty. The organization aims to provide technology to students in developing countries through durable but low-cost laptops. They believe that if every student is given an individual computer as his or her own, learning will be revolutionized, creating a domino effect which leads ultimately to a better living society.

There are arguments that provide valid insight against the project. One of which is the appliance of its program. Many areas targeted by the One Laptop Per Child are also areas where electricity is a major issue. Is it really a top priority, on a societal level, to hand out tech gadgets to children when the infrastructure in itself needs crucial attention? Currently, the OLPC operates in familiar locations such as the suburbs of North Carolina to the outskirts of Rwanda and West Africa.

According to One Laptop Per Child’s Chief Financial Officer Robert Hacker, the most important thing about having these laptops is the capability to access the Internet. “When we think about the causes of poverty, access to information is essential,” said Hacker. “That opens up a huge resource for learning.”

The laptops being given to students are uniformly designed all over the world. The signature mint green color is used by almost two and a half million impoverished children spanning over 40 countries. Called XO Laptops or the Children’s Machine, these low-cost devices function both as traditional notepads or tablets. It has an open-source operating system which is compatible with a plethora of educational apps included in the Sugar software suite. Sugar is designed to be a tool to help students even without the aid of a teacher.

Until now, students are eager to use the XO devices thanks to its colorful design. There is a noticeable increase in engagement, according to OLPC’s Chief Executive Officer Rangan Srikhanta. He said that the young one come out of their shell because of the program. Confidence boosts and enthusiasm are undocumented educational benefits. In fact, the organization’s Nicaraguan operation successfully raised the school attendance and created a more favorable behavior in the student population when the laptops were handed out. Social benefits, even though sometimes under-appreciated, are as important as grades.

With advances in the field of social work and education technology like One Laptop Per Child, it’s difficult not to lose hope that someday, everyone is connected with knowledge and information.


Christina Milian Shows Split from Lil Wayne on National TV; Has No Regrets


Many of us hardly remember how reality TV became what it is now. Somewhere between the shows like Survivor and The Bachelor, we began to welcome the likes of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie into our living rooms, enjoying watching their misadventures and just generally being a part of their lives. With the explosive popularity of the Kardashians’ range of shows and their ensuing fame and fortune, we’ve seen even more celebrities trying to launch reality TV shows.

Singer, songwriter and actress Christina Milian is among those celebrities who have ventured down the path of reality TV show stardom, and in the latest episode of her show, she shed some light on her breakup from fellow singer Lil Wayne earlier this year. The couple had called it quits in September, after a year of dating, citing busy schedules and the distance as the cause. “Their schedules started getting extremely busy and the distance was not easy for them both,” reported E! News. “They are not on bad terms. They just are taking a break. Christina is focusing on herself now and surrounding herself with close girl friends like Karrueche Tran. They both understand each other and girlfriends are exactly what she wants [right] about now.”

However, as was revealed on Christina Milian Turned Up (CMTU), it wasn’t busy schedules that got in the way of their budding love affair, but another woman. As Toofab explains, “we saw Milian confront Wayne over an Instagram photo she found of another woman in her underwear inside the rapper’s home. He denied any shenanigans, but the two still decided to split.” Things quickly got emotional as Milian said that she had never loved anyone in the way that she had loved Wayne – not even her ex-husband. “I’ve never loved anyone the way that I love him,” she said in a confessional. “I’ve never had anyone understand me the way that he has.”


Scenes like this definitely make us wonder where reality TV draws the line. Would something this private have been better left off the screen? Milian seems to think it shouldn’t, and she says she’s proud of the episode and of the reactions it’s garnered. “I’m really proud of what we’ve shown,” she tells Toofab. “It’s good TV, it’s real TV, it’s sisters and family and what love is. There’s nothing I would take back from anything on this season.” She also adds that she and her family have gone through many things in life, and that she will continue to show these in CMTU. “It’s not even necessarily entertainment, you’re just hoping somebody is relating to it and they understand whatever it is that we were all going through. It’s very real. I’m proud of us for keeping it real this season. We just want to live our lives, but with cameras there.”

What has Lil Wayne got to say about the latest episode? The rapper has been mum on the issue, but it seems he has remained good friends with Milian, even shooting a music video with her a month after their breakup.

Chrstinia Milian Turned Up airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on E!