Wearing Berry This Winter


Most berries are known for bright colours and this range of hues are usually associated with spring or summer, but you can totally pull it off even in the colder months. Bright Side suggested colour combinations for winter clothes, and among them are various hues remarkably similar to the colours of berries.

Although monochromatic winter pieces are classic and timeless, they may be combined or interchanged with berry coloured items to exude vibrancy and cheerfulness during winter, which is a season frequently seen as dull and lifeless.

With that in mind, take a look at some winter garment and accessories arrangements of various styles and colours.

Blueberry and Greenberry

(image: So Sensational)

In a previous post about knitwear, we highlighted the £30.00 Fancy Fair Isle Jumper, paired with a long-sleeved inner shirt and trousers. Applying the contrast of colours rule, a blueberry-white mix will look cool, sophisticated and gorgeous.

(image: Tootsa)

Furthermore, you may also wear matching sweaters with your child to further express that special bond you share. Take for instance adult and children jumpers featuring greenberry and blueberry hues, as shown on the blog post, ‘Twinning is Winning’ – they look beautiful regardless of gender. These versions are regularly priced at £70.00 (for adults) and £34.00 (for children).

To complete the set, you can pair a green top with a yellow lower piece or black leggings. Deep blue will also go well with red or turquoise based on the list of suggested colour combinations mentioned earlier.

You can play with other designs and brands, but the warmth, both from the outside provided by the pullover/sweater and inside brought about by personal bonding, will certainly spring comfort and love into the winter months.


(image: Bright Side)

Beautyberry shrubs have berries that are vivid purple in colour, according to The National Gardening Association. That said, a beautyberry purple dress will look excellent with a grey coat and trousers. Set pieces are sold separately.

Cranberry and Raspberry

(image: Pinterest – Katie Swirsding)

Berry-coloured accessories will work well, too. This set from Katie Swirsding is comprised of basic jeans with a grey top and flats, but the style’s highlight is the cranberry pieces – scarf, bag and earrings, topped off with similarly coloured nail polish. Pieces are priced separately through Polyvore.

(image: Pinterest – Alessa Kreger)

Of course, there’s also the tradition of wearing berry lipstick in winter. The Fuss mentioned in their ‘Winter 2016 Beauty Looks to Try’ that if your skin is fair or pale, raspberry shades of lipstick are the right fit for you. e.l.f. has the Bold Berry variation of their Studio Velvet Matte Lipstick for £4.50.

You can also use raspberry shades for light blusher. Ladies with darker skin tones may go with darker red such as cherry or deep wine colours.


For our final recommendation, here’s a shocker: Technically speaking as explained in the alumni page of Stanford, bananas are actually berries! Thus, colours of bananas can be included in the list of berry colours, too!

(image: Pinterest – Angeline Lee)

You can combine green and yellow, which exemplify both unripe and ripe colours of the fruit. For example, this green coat will stick out superbly over black overalls, finished with a yellow handbag. Romwe has an identical coat for £80.99. Conversely, a yellow coat or top will go well with green bottoms and/or accessories.


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