Allie Who?



Hiya guys, Allie Cooper here. Friends and family call me”Alliebear”. I love life, music, cooking and heading out to random secluded beaches during the weekends.

Since I was little, I have always kept a diary (so EMO, IKR! =p) to keep record of random thoughts that popped into my head. So you can imagine how typical my teenage years was like! I always had this fascination with writing but never dove into actually putting it up and sharing it online. Never had extra time. Many things to do. And a ton of seemingly valid excuses to NOT start blogging!

Time flew and I realised, some of my thoughts and opinions may actually matter. Then and only then I decided to share my  musings with the world.

Here it is now. Get to know me. Read on and hopefully you’ll enjoy the journey! =)

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