Part 1 (2012)


EARLY 2012

 Details about Windows Phone 8’s addition of Skype

Logo 1After the announcement that Microsoft had purchased Skype back in 2011 rumours whirred around regarding what this would mean for Windows phones. While it was not clear when exactly changes would be made and what the details would be, consumers were excited about the fact that Skype would be integrated with Windows Phones.

Study reveals Leeds has highest WiFi hotspot usage in the UK

Logo 2This summer, Sky Broadband conducted a survey of Wi-Fi hotspot usage in the UK. The company surveyed 10 of the biggest cities in the country to find out where people were using Wi-Fi. The study found that the city with the most Wi-Fi usage by the public is Leeds, with 22 percent of residents in this area logging on to public Wi-Fi at some point during their day. This figure is actually two times the national average of Wi-Fi use.

Animation is a Team Game, Remember These 5 Ethical Tips

Logo 3The transition from student to professional can be difficult for some. Especially in terms of attitude, what works as a student often does not carry over to the working world. Personal drive is vital when you are in education. You need to push yourself to learn and experiment in the classroom and to acquire a real enduring passion for the world of animation.

Google Maps Vs. Apple Maps: There’s No Contest Here

Logo 4Since its date of launch in February 25, 2005, Google Maps has grown tremendously; starting from a C++ program to a fully functional app with well-designed satellite interface has been providing accurate search results of local business locations, contact information, and step-by-step directions.

Keeping Up with the Trend: Must-Have Apps for Your iPhone 5

Logo 5The iPhone has long retained an image of being one of the ‘trendiest’ smartphones around, so it is perhaps no surprise that the launch of Apple’s latest offering, the iPhone 5,  sparked a number of cool new apps. Meanwhile, many of the hottest apps already available have also upped their game and released their respective updated versions which makes the most of the iPhone 5’s more advanced features.

The Best E-Reader David versus Goliath

Logo 5
E-Reader have taken the world by storm. They do more and sell more than ever before. They come in HD, surf the net, show movies all in addition to helping you cram thousands of book titles onto one tiny computer screen.

Powermat 3X: Living Up To Its Purpose

Logo 6Man’s endless quest for better living has driven modern innovators to come up with ingenious ways to re-design and re-invent existing gadgets. Computers as well as mobile phones have evolved tremendously throughout the years. Even gadget accessories mainly used for embellishment have gained extra functionality.

A Comparison Guide Between Apple 5 and Galaxy S3

Logo 7The debate between Apple and Samsung has been raging for a while now. Recent developments include Apple winning a bid to ban sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US, and the US Court of Appeals overturning this ban. The opposition between these two technology giants still continues and it is unlikely that it will ever really be resolved.

Top 4 Wireless Chargers: Which One Suits You?

Logo 8The development of telecommunication devices dating back to the early mid-1870’s when Alexander Graham Bell invented the very first telephone to the modern-day smartphones is truly remarkable. Imagine the old rotary dial telephone evolved into wireless phones that run on radio frequencies. 

Top 10 Best Tips to Generate Strong Passwords

Logo 9In this dangerous world of cyber crimes, organized hacking attempts and identity thefts online, passwords are often the weakest link in the attacks. Passwords are considered as the last-line of defense. If it is breached then you are vulnerable to whole range of attacks, which could be potentially damaging.

Cloud Computing Made Clear

Logo 10The sky’s the limit as far as cloud computing is concerned. Here’s a quick look at how to clear up this most nebulous of technology terms. Cloud computing has officially taken over. It is everywhere and on everyone’s lips. You can’t go a day without seeing an advert relating to it.

Why is Windows 8 Great?

Logo 11I can see clearly now the rain has gone – as far as Microsoft goes anyway. That’s right Windows 8 is good, no bones about it. Microsoft have finally, after the turbulence of Windows Vista and Windows 7, delivered a smooth, refined operating system sure to put past troubles at least a little bit behind them.

5 Best Anti-Theft Apps for Android

Logo 12Current developments in mobile technology allowed smart phones to mimic certain functionality of traditional desktops. Most users prefer to purchase this gadget due to its advantage on convenience and portability.

A Closer Look At Windows 8 Innovation

Logo 13The world is now ready for Windows 8, Microsoft’s new operating system which incorporates a number of major upgrades allowing it to surpass its predecessor. Aside from the conventional desktop, it also supports touch-screen features for various devices such as laptops, tables, pc’s and other finger friendly devices.

Unique Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

Logo 14Nowadays, almost anything you can think of can be found online. Those interested in saving money for computer or home repairs can easily find DIY videos on YouTube, and of course there are millions of articles available online too.

Five Basic Apps Recommended for Small Businesses

Logo 15At present, more and more people prefer to be their own boss and go into business. With the emergence of online businesses, start-ups are no longer a burden. With some proper planning, feasible market studies, minimal financial resources as well as having the right connections can do the trick. 

Free iPad Media Apps To Appreciate

Logo 16Once again, Apple have hit the big time with their simultaneous launch of the iPad 3 and the iPad mini. Once you have your data plan sorted, you can get started in personalising your chosen device with a good range of useful apps. To help you celebrate your new purchase, here is a list of some great media apps to brighten up your iPad.

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