Part 2 (2013)


10 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

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Twitter is an indispensable social media tool to share information quickly and in a concisely. It has proven itself as a worthy mainstay in the social media world and its popularity has immensely grown over the years, averaging up to 500,000,000 users to date. This mobile app is accessible to anyone who has mobile phones and tablets powered by Android, iOS and Windows. App compatibility is not an issue.

Instagram – Everything You Want to Know About

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Many people (including myself) will have first heard of Instagram through other social networks, usually either Twitter or the ubiquitous Facebook. What were these cool, filtered photos on my timeline and news feed and where were they coming from?

iPad Mini: Good Things Do Come in Small Packages

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iPad mini’s sales has liven up to the pre-launch hype, but is it for you? Samsung take note, iPad mini is breaking sales records faster than a pig chowing down its dinner. With the success of the Samsung Note series, it is no surprise Apple ventured into the mini tablet market as well. Despite iPad mini’s popularity, it’s quite expensive with its £269 starting price. Here are some insights why it might be worth dipping into your pocket.

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Android Tablet Run Faster

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By time, people who use their Android devices end up frustrated with the amount of bulk data they have stored and the reduction of speed over time. With so many tips and tricks out there, it’s hard to separate facts from fallacies that restore your Android Tablet back to its perfect shape. Used and proven, here is a list of tips and tricks that does the job effectively.

Nexus 4 Still Out Of Stock, No Restock In Sight

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In what must be one of the biggest SNAFUs in tech distribution history, Google’s latest smartphone, the LG Nexus 4, is still out of stock. Having sold out globally within an hour late last year, it was briefly in stock again during November. Sadly, if you didn’t nab what some are calling the best Android phone on the market, you may be out of luck for quite some time.

The Nexus 7 is a Good Thing – if Apple ups their Game

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A lot of people are concerned about the competition in the smaller-tablet market provided by Google’s Nexus 7. Paperback sized, powerful, slick, reasonably priced and running on pure, unfiltered-by-bloatware Android, the Nexus 7 is a dream tablet that makes you question your purchase of an iPad. Or does it?

The Never-ending Debate: Joomla Vs WordPress

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The question about whether Joomla or WordPress is the best open-source CMS is a never-ending debate. The two have been rivals for years now. So if you’re wondering which one to opt for, it’s best to start with a look at how both CMS’s work – their features, and the pros and cons of each.

Twitter Now Lets You Download Your Tweet Archive

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Remember Twitter’s promise to let users download a full archive of their tweets? Well, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo again went over his promise; the said feature is nearing completion.  However, the changes will be released in waves and will not be immediately felt by every user.

How To Get Hired As A Game Developer

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At the Eurogamer Expo 2012, renowned game writer Chet Faliszek spoke about the best way to get into the game industry. It wasn’t doing ten university degrees in computer science, or knowing fifty programming languages. It wasn’t being able to quote sales figures of the company you want to work for, or having used every operating system in history.

Are we making the most of our smartphones?

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It’s incredible to look back on how things have changed since the early year 2000. Most of us carry a pocket-sized device with a higher resolution screen than that of any computer from several years ago, with faster internet than the ones we had during our childhood, and can take high-res photos. Yet, we’re not always making the most of this marvellous device and mainly using it to post as well as update Facebook status and watch YouTube. So what else can we use our super-powered phones for?

Making Wallpapers using your Android Device

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Most android users love adding personal touches to their devices since many consider these devices as reflections of their personality. Many accessories are now to perk up their phones and tablet appearance both externally and internally. They customize it based on their mood or even trending fashion as long as it suits their personal taste.

How to Create and Write Evergreen Content to Boost your Business

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The demand for fresh and high-quality articles on websites is at an all-time high.Since Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates in 2011 and 2012, content that uses spam SEO practices has been penalized and quality is ever more crucial. Although keeping a news site or a blog up to date with fresh daily content is important and an effective way to generate traffic, your website must also have a solid backbone of  ‘evergreen’ content – or stuff that will not go out of date so easily – to stay relevant.

How to Shop Safely Online

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Shopping online is a continuous growing trend especially for busy people with no time to go out and shop. Looking for what to buy and where to buy it has never been this easy. All you need to do is go online, look for that nice watch you saw in an ad, those boots you’ve been dying to have or even that one of a kind necklace you’ve been dreaming of for months, get your credit card ready and start shopping.

10 Mistakes Made By Business Bloggers

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Business blogs are great for communicating with your customers and with your employees and communication is what it’s all about, right? Yes, but sadly it’s not as simple as setting up a blog and finding that everyone is suddenly hanging on your every word. Blogs and social media can be an invaluable resource for small businesses, but they also are easy to get wrong.

Blogging Tips for Businesses

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Blogging isn’t always easy, especially if you are doing it for business marketing purposes. Therefore, it’s necessary to follow some best practices on business blogging to ensure you’re driving high traffic to your brand.

10 Top-Rated Apps That Help Locate Your Missing Android Device

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Nowadays most people are very reliant on their android handhelds since the majority of their personal files are stored here. It is become a portable extension of our personal computers very much capable of performing similar tasks. It has replaced our pocket calendars, organizers, planners, etc. Basically, it’s an all-in-one gadget that caters to most of our daily tasks.

Five ways to improve your social reach

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If you’re struggling to get your blog posts going viral, or you’re not sure what you’re doing wrong when it comes to social media but you know the results aren’t good, then it may be time to adopt a different approach. Below are five slightly left-field ways of using social media to promote your blog. They’re not conventional, but they work surprisingly well!

Checklist before purchasing VoIP for your business

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Although Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones has proven to be a cost-effective solution for businesses  who wants to cut down on their expenses, not all of them need it. There will be certain criteria to consider if your business would need to shift to VoIP phones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Might Have Eye-Tracking Functionality

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Although Samsung has not officially announced the much-awaited Galaxy S4, various tech websites and blogs have already unraveled its specs and special features online. Recently, news about eye-tracking functionality has spread across the web.

Could the new Myspace become fashionable again?

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Myspace – once a haven for every single person with a hankering to be social online, and as of years ago, a wasteland populated only by bands and those who became slightly too attached to their top eight friends rotation schedule. However, after a considerable amount of re-branding (minus the famous Myspace Tom, having left after selling the company for millions), it’s back, and not only is it back, it’s actually quite impressive

Could games like Fez save the Vita?

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It was recently announced that Fez – beloved indie game made by Phil Fish and Renaud Bédard of Polytron – would be making its way to Steam, despite Fish’s adamant avoidance of the PC platform because he felt Fez was a game made for consoles. Now, either money talks, or someone finally explained to Fish that controllers and HDTV setups for PCs exist, especially via Steam’s Big Picture mode. Most interestingly of all, Fish noted in a Reddit AMA that Fez should “eventually be out on pretty much everything.”

Social Media Marketing Tools You Shouldn’t be Without

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With technology’s vast reach throughout the world , it’s a know fact that social  medias such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and the like have increasing popularity especially to our  modern-day marketers. Using social media marketing tools to increase your brand awareness as well as expand your target market is a clever way to minimize marketing and advertising costs.Hence, here are 10 social media marketing tools that will help develop your very own internet marketing strategies.

Essential Social Media Apps for Small Businesses

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Mobile devices have many purposes for businesses such as off-site reporting, mobile banking transactions, and accessing social media. In this article, we will discuss the reliable and top social media apps that will help boost revenue and brand recognition for your small enterprise.

4 Apps To Help You Monitor Your Site Like a Champ

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Daily website monitoring can be very time consuming especially for entrepreneurs who have loads of other responsibilities like tracking social campaigns, handling teams, and managing different business sites all at the same time. Now it would no longer a burden since website monitoring apps for mobile devices has been developed to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs and marketers on the go.

Review – EA Sports FIFA 13

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It’s in the bag for EA Sports, as the games developer finally delivers what it has tantalizingly promised us for years- a game that feels totally real and larger than life. EA Sports always promises quality and its latest game, the new FIFA 13, shrieks ‘quality’ loud enough for you to hear it in the stands. In this game, success does not come easy.

4 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Vloggers

Logo 42With a growing popularity, video blogging has become a popular tool to communicate to mass audience online.
Film on the go with some smart mobile apps to share and edit. And while more vloggers are into capturing their special moments and sharing it immediately on social media platforms, a certain rise in the demand of video blogging apps for mobile devices has been very noticeable.

Understanding Responsive Website Design

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As more people use mobile devices, the need for your website to have a responsive design becomes a necessity. What’s a mobile responsive design? You might ask. It’s the theme including layout and content that adapts to the size of the screen. So, if you will try to visit Facebook on your iPhone’s Safari or Google Chrome browser, you’ll notice that the content shifts to fit the display of your device’s screen.

Backpacking Tips For First-time Travelers in India

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With bountiful well-preserved natural sites and colorful cultural background, India is a perfect destination for travelers who want to experience an extraordinary and memorable South Asian vacation. However, for first-time travelers, it would be helpful to know safety tips on how to go around this unfamiliar territory.

5 Must-Haves For The iPhone 6

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I know everyone’s sights are set on the iPhone 5S at present, but realistically we won’t see a considerable amount of changes until the next numbered edition hits the market. It’s a great time to be an Apple fan, given the quality of their smartphone range, and there are plenty of new and exciting potential features still to appear on an iPhone, in addition to ones it should have already if it wants to compete with the likes of HTC and Samsung. So without further ado, here’s a list of five must-haves for the iPhone 6.

Digital Scrapbooking 101: Technology, Apps and more

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Digital scrapbooking is the new trend this year. Instead of creating entries on a hard copy scrapbook by pasting and cutting photos, this process allows you to utilize the latest technology to build a colorful and stunning photo collage entries easily. As the world turns mobile, our usual hobby becomes virtually available.

Cloud Computing Apps Going Mobile, Don’t Get Left Behind

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Everything turns mobile, nowadays. From the very basic email tasks, desktop games and now even cloud computing is made possible. Since majority of businessmen, marketers and entrepreneurs do business mostly on their smartphone handheld and tablets hence the portability of cloud computing tools is has become a necessity as well.

5 iPhone Apps For The Social Media Addict

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You’re either heavily into social media, or you’re not, but chances are that given even YouTube counts as social media for many users, you’re probably a pretty big user of one of the many platforms available this 2013. Luckily, there are many apps on the market that will assist you in interfacing with these platforms in varying ways. 

Does Edmodo live up to its worth?

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There are various mobile applications out there that help educators worldwide in connecting with their students better. One of the most popularly downloaded teaching apps is Edmodo. In this article, we intend to provide you an in-depth review of this application based on our first-hand experience using the mobile app on our iPad.

“Edmodo helps connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential,” –

Samsung Galaxy S4 Formally Announced in the USA

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Samsung have formally announced and dated their new flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S4, and announced that it will reach American hands on April 30th. It arrives just in time to tempt those who haven’t yet reached for the HTC One and are waiting it out to see what Samsung pulls out of its magician’s top hat, as the company has built a reputation for innovation and quality over the years and has released a string of popular handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Reportedly Delayed Until Mid-July

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Much like its bigger version, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has been getting attention lately, especially after the leaked pictures and specifications spread in early March. It was expected to be launched a few days after the Samsung Galaxy S4 gets released on the market. However, recent reports suggest that it might take until mid-July before we can enjoy this mini device with Smart Pause and Scroll option.

Five Cool iPhone Cases

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Some people prefer to have their iPhone unadorned, but for those of us who know the reality of accidentally putting your keys in the same pocket or accidentally dropping your phone, a case isn’t a bad idea. Here’s five suggestions to tap into your personal style while protecting your precious mobile.

What Should We Expect From Samsung Galaxy S4?

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Although iPhone 5 reigned as the best-selling Smartphone in the fourth quarter of 2012, Apple should look after Samsung’s next move as they release their 5-inch display Galaxy S4 this year. But what can the upcoming Galaxy Smartphone installation offer that we haven’t seen on Samsung Galaxy S3?

Apple’s iPhone 5 Vs. Samsung’s Galaxy S4: Are they worth the price?

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You don’t need to be a tech savvy to know that Apple and Samsung are two of the best mobile manufacturing companies in the world. In fact, we have compared two of their gadgets in January 2013 when we compared Apple’s iPhone 5 to Samsung’s Galaxy S3.Despite the launch of the Galaxy’s latest installment last year, Apple’s hardware sales was solid until the fourth quarter of 2012.

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